Nursery classrooms

Nursery classrooms have ample space giving children the liberty to carry out subject related activities in the classroom.

Primary classrooms

The Primary classrooms have minimal furniture giving children enough space to move around freely and to reach out to pick up what they like to work with.


Play is an essential part of Child's growth. at SS International School, we have a standard playground for students. our playground is manned by teachers to monitor children during their play time

Play Equipment

We have a very well equipped nursery with a wide variety of learning materials and both indoor and outdoor play equipment like sand pit, water bath, slides, tunnels, ladders, and climbing frames.

Washroom & Changing Facilities

The toilets are located within easy reach of class room and consist of four separate cubicles with doors, soap dispensers and paper towels.

Safety, Security and First Aid

We take the safety, security, and welfare of the children in our care extremely seriously. As such we have a number of security, first aid and fire safety procedures in place, which are regularly reviewed, tested and updated.


We have a standard Library for our pupils which enhances effective teaching and Learning manned by trained and experienced teaching and non-teaching staff.

Learning Environment

We have a safe, friendly and conducive environment for optimum learning and child development.